Jeep Off Roading ||Club Rajputana Classic Jeeps

Women Jeep Off Roading, it sounds a little weird as we have often kept House Hold Chores for women and has quantified their strengths on the basis of how they managed their homes. Gone are the days now when women used to stay inside homes and prefer staying inside the nest all day. They have broken the glass ceiling of obstacles long back.

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An initiative by Club Rajputana Classic Jeeps crowned women with the passion of adventure and jeeps. It happened on 5th August, on friendship Day at Jodhpur. The initiative by the club helped women explore their multi-dimensional interests in Jeeps, Off-riding and Adventure.

It started at 6 am in the morning, 15 to 20 beautiful and stunning jeeps were standing adjacently to each other at Ganesh Temple. The rays of sunlight after sunrise were becoming more clearer and clearer and with every strong ray, it looked beautiful. The clouds could not resist witnessing this and it whispered a hello.

The ride started at 6:30, we crossed through MediPulse and clouds were complimenting the Journey each time. The best part about riding Jeep is, you feel the strength of what it withstand. With every high and low, we were entering into more adventure. The beautiful part was when we entered a narrow lane, lush greenery at both sides made it exemplary to eyes.

Soon, we had to reach to the location for Jeep off-Roading. We reached in an hour and with each splash of muddy water, it became dirtier yet adventurous.

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At the location, some girls even experienced horse riding. This journey proves to be a perfect example of the strengths of women. It ended after delicious and desi lunch of Dal-Baati at a perfect location.

I thank and support the Club for this initiative and wish them great success ahead.

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“A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.”


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