She is strong, isn’t she?

अपना वजूद भुला कर ना जाने कितनी रिवायतें निभाती हे,

सलाम हर उस ख़ातून को, जो घर को घर बनाती हे…

She forgets her identity.
Although she has every ability.
Tradition word is just like her dignity.
She accepts it well as an amenability.
My salute is very less, but accept it as sublimity,
After all, a house is a home only after your austerity.

From being a house maker to a loving mother, from a sweet sister to a sincere daughter, from a house wife to an employee, from a grand mother to an Aunty, she plays all the role beautifully.

How often do you complaint about, “Her”?

She is irritating…

She scolds me everytime…

She disturbs me…

She has mood swings and her own tantrums…

She is not good at work…

She is too fashionable…

Yes, you got that correct. It’s not that rare that we hear such complaints but is sometimes everytime.

She might be irritating but she takes out time for everyone around…

She might scold you everyday but she is concerned about your future..

She might disturbs you often but she always overthinking before taking a moment to disturb you.

She might have mood swings and her own tantrums but sometimes she needs her own space.

She might not be good at work but its beautiful how she try everyday.

She might be too fashionable but this is how she loves herself.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate SHE and HER. To every women around the corner, you are beautiful. Your efforts are priceless, from a working you to a house maker, you are Special in your own ways. To the strongest, by the strongest and for the strongest. Let’s spread love, the way we do ❤️


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