To the hashtags #PyarEkDhokaHai

I feel the power of the keys that helps me to rewrite and embellish the society’s perspective with the words. Words that make me fall in love, words that make me cry, words that make me curious and often take me to an adventurous ride. I feel privileged with the fact that how 26 letters can completely make a difference in someone’s life. I love Writing and that is something with is unconditional I believe. Words will walk with me unless I don’t stop writing. Isn’t this love? Isn’t this pyar?


While walking with my mom and listening to how worried she was regarding my brother’s exams, it gave me an outburst of how beautiful is a relationship of Mother and her children. I believe this is love. Its love how she cares, its love how she get worried on small things, its love how often she complaints to dad just to ensure your well being. Isn’t this love? Isn’t this pyar?

While teaching my student who is married, as she narrated her story of  how desperately she wanted to complete her education despite of the fact of being married, she is proud to have 5 degrees. It was so encouraging to hear how beautifully she conceived her baby while she was graduating herself. Isn’t loving self love? Isn’t loving self pyar?


Isn’t love just a feeling that you feel with someone whom you care about and who care for you. I wonder how #pyarekdhokahai since I have always believed in being vulnerable. Isn’t it about living and loving every next moment? Isn’t that love when you sip coffee while it’s raining? Isn’t love about listening to your favorite song? Isn’t it about being vulnerable? This valentine’s day, let love thyself because you are made to be loved.



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