Udaipur – A city Beautiful, Part 2

We were standing outside the hostel waiting for someone to open the door and give us the keys to our bunk beds. While waiting, I had a conversation with myself and I asked questions like, “Will everything get fine after traveling?, Will I not be tensed anymore?, Will I not worry about thing after travelling?” The questions were many as seldom people travel to define themselves. I decided to travel to stay in tranquility for some time. Away from a place where where peace was wrapped in chaos, where freedom was kept in a cage and where my heart wanted to be an ocean and was locked in a small room.

After 5 minutes, someone opened the door, oblivious about the whirlwind of chaos in my mind said, “Mam, please come inside?” We went inside and he gave us the keys to where our bunk beds were. I decided to go on rooftop and rest followed me. The beauty about travelling with people is, you know them and you know how they are.”

We sat on the beds of rooftop and no one uttered a word. It was peace. All I could hear was the sound of ocean in my mind, the chirping sound of birds around and the flowing water of the lake. Before this, I never travelled to unwrap the chaos within, it was the first time. Someone decided to break the silence and commence a conversation forward. I was delighted to see the initiative taken. We decided to do yoga. It wasn’t because we were health freks but we needed peace within. We did many asanas and stood for silence for half an hour. We enjoyed the serenity of the place.

It was 7 am and we were tired. I headed towards my room which was 606 where 7 bunk beds were there and mine was on top. Chaos led me towards a beautiful sleep.


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