The journey to a milestone!

The journey of a year has seen all the lows and ups with all the beautiful swings and burdened streams. However, it wasn’t easy and it is beautifully said that “Great things does not come easy”. So, while traversing the beautiful path when Qriyo was established, I found a beautiful team who accepted me the way I was and took the initiative to nurture me. I personally thank Rishabh Jain Mudit Jain Harsha Mishra Gajendra Singh for giving me this platform and encouraging me all the while. Gajendra Singh, I could not really thank you enough for bringing the peace and patience within. I would also like to thank Mahendra Pratap Choudhary Gaurav Patwa Anmol Arora Mohit Mundra for being the first team of with whom I worked and challenged my limits. In all this while, Harsha Jain Mam and Pradeep Sir, I feel proud to say that I have worked under your guidance. Sometimes I have been immature but thank you for dealing it right. The second team who helped of what I am today, Urvashi DesaiMunmun Kanwar Deora Chandni Mundra Basant Rathi Vaishali SrivastavaMahendra Pratap Choudhary Jogendra Singh Rathore, Sakshi Gandhi I could not thank much but I feel satisfied at the end of the day to have you people around. The Journey was indeed a roller coaster but that is what has helped me cherish those moments and the time. So, While I was traversing the path 😀 See you all Next Year with some more accomplishments Thank you, People, for being a guide and a true supporter.


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