While everything was looking scary, she discovered her strengths!

It feels egregious when everything that seems to be on the right starts opposing. Isn’t it about appreciating the differences or just about appreciating the self? Heralding about the odds of life is one never acknowledge, the ones who acknowledges wins the battle.

So this is a story of a girl whom I  met around the city, the one who is arcane and ingenuous. She started with one the incidences which she hates and that took place a few days back and all this while when she was narrating, a tear drop touched her cheeks. So it goes like this:

It was a Wednesday night and I was coming from the office, I was scared not because of the dogs but because of the humans around. It was late around 11:30 pm and unfortunately, I did a mistake as I was a girl. Fearing from humans was just not a thought but the situation made it worse. All along while I was traversing towards my home, I was tensed and missed the road lights badly. My home was just a kilometer away and I just saw a headlight that was following me and a second passed, the bike with a guy was adjacent to me. I was shocked yet I had enough conscious to just ignore and let go. Just seconds later, he tried touching my hand and I got imbalanced. Again, keeping up my conscious, I tried to ride as fast as I can but they followed. My hands were shivering, knew no place to go as the home was some seconds far. While all this while, escaping from them became easier yet scarier. I took the advantage of no street lamps and just took a random turn with a speed of almost 60. I went to a house whose gate was open and saw an aunt who was sitting in the balcony, felt idyllic and calm. Meanwhile, they entered that lane in search of me, I noted down the number to complain the very next day. Aunt saw me and I told the crux of what happened, she called my father and fortuitously he came after ten minutes to pick me. She passed a smile to er dad as if nothing happened and went to her home.

She completed her coffee and smiled and said, “Nirbhaya wasn’t just a case, it was harassment and the torture that murdered a beautiful soul”

She wasn’t disheartened about the incidence but she was disheartened about how the unsafe the society has become. Honestly, we aren’t scared of the barking dogs but we are from those inhuman males. And it is not about being feminist but it is about being safe!







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