An open letter to the Mother!

Hello Mom

While I was one when I was crying, thank you for pampering me and showering with all the unconditional love and care.

While I was two, thank you for teaching me how to sit.

While I was three and I started walking by holding your finger, thanks for that trust and patience.

While I was four and when I was trying to draw a slanting line, thanks for putting all the effort.

While I was five and I broke my thigh, thanks for that care which helped me with bearing that pain.

While I was six and I broke my first tooth, thanks for the food that helped me with the pain.

While I was seven and the teacher complained about my homework, thanks for being a guide.

While I was eight and I had a fight with a friend, thanks for being my best friend.

While I was nine and I had to wear a saree for the competition, thanks for making me beautiful.

While I was ten and I stood first in the marathon, thanks for being a supporter.

While I was eleven and I was suffering from dengue, thanks for those sleepless nights.

While I was twelve and we were having dinner, thanks for teaching the etiquettes.

While I was thirteen and a real teen, thanks for bearing with my mood swings and teaching me how to handle being a girl.

While I was fourteen and I lost my daddy, thanks for being my daddy.

While was fifteen, when I use to argue and get angry, thanks for teaching me that it is wrong.

While I was sixteen and when I had my first crush, thanks for understanding me and for being my best friend.

While I was seventeen and I had a boyfriend, thanks for explaining me the definition of attraction.

While I was eighteen and I had a breakup, thanks for being there.

While I was nineteen and When I was figuring out what to do, thanks for being a counselor.

While I was twenty and I had debts, thanks for being a mentor.

While I was twenty one and when I had an argument with my boss, thanks for always being there, without any condition.

It’s not just mother’s day, it is every day when she deserves love, warmth and the care. The bond between a child and mother is undefinable. It is hard to thank her for all the efforts that she made and it’s just her who can love unconditionally.


The flower that believes in blossoming!


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  1. U really expressed ur feelings so well it touched me deeply..U r a Great daughter of a really Great Mom..


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