Reflecting the inner you!

We all are made with layers of different emotions and feelings. When these layers are piled together, we are an ordinary individual. The journey from an ordinary start with finding one own self and reflecting the inner self. It begins with a mind which is wrapped with chaos leaving all the peace behind. The layer which transmits quickness and a layer which is a web of thoughts. We often are on this layer and it is hard to find the balance between our mind and emotions. Emotions dominate and tend to take us where they want. It is important to know and let go. Chaos is just a state of mind and it badly affects that.  When we begin to peel off this layer by forgetting everything that gets us in a chaotic situation, we move towards a greater self. When we begin to reflect our self and finds others rejoicing, we reach a layer above. The layer holds about reclaiming a better version. The version that belongs to the inner depth of us. It begins by knowing the grounds of where we are from and where we will go. And not forgetting those grounds.

Find about the other layers that we peel off by reclaiming our peace and happiness in my next blog,

Stay tuned,

With love

A flower that believes in blossoming!


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