Yoga in Jodhpur, Uniting Diversity in Harmony !!

The Blue city Jodhpur has achieved many milestones and from last two years, the field of yoga has set a benchmark in the saga of Jodhpur. International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June to enhance and inculcate the spirituality from within.  The organizations that contribute, dissolve their banners and unite with one vision. Many people gather together to attain the peace with an intensity beyond their self. The celebration of the day is done with immense enthusiasm and zeal. More than 100 Volunteers participate to herald their self to peace and spirituality.13411766_1791373074482672_4855304834422385517_o

In 2015, 30, 000 people came together at 8 different places and witnessed the virtue of yoga and the numbers increased in 2016. The places explored were Gaushala Maidan, Barkatullah Stadium, Somani College, Ashok Udhyaan, G.D. Memorial, Chain Pura Stadium, Gaur ka maidan and Umaid stadium. The air enchanted the beauty and purity of Yoga.

Many Big organizations named, RSS, Art of Living, Gayatri Pariwar, Vivekananda Kendra and 108 Sun Salutation Club align together to shower the sheer peace with all their efforts. The initiative includes some private organizations named Srijan Yog Kendra, Qriyo, Dev Yog and Plaksha yoga. The intensity of efforts is infinite and is put to unite all.13498148_1795554804064499_7818539926581443746_o

The government being the most powerful system also contributes to the mission, special mentions are JDA, Nagar Nigam and Aayush Department. Collector, Mahapor, MLA and MP’s also promulgate the vibration and the energy around the city. The young individuals show their ardent contribution and keenly participate on this day.

As 21st June 2017 is coming closer and with all the efforts the IYD Team is ready to achieve another milestone in the history of Jodhpur. This year, more than 11 places will be explored and the spirituality of yoga will be promulgated.



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