Things to do before you turn 25!!

So while sitting in a four-walled room and scrolling up some social media sites and cribbing about how boring and monotonous your life has become, it is time for a break as you are not alone.  A time to shake it off the bucket list of all what you can do before you hit the biggest mark of 25. And a gentle reminder before you ends up just taking naps in your twenties. Here are things that everyone must do before turning out 25:

  1. Travel Alone: c361FRIENDS are always great to hang out with but traveling alone will widen your horizon in so many ways. All you will be open to is of finding a better version of yourself. EXPLORE. LEARN. ENJOY.
  2. Work smarter towards your dreams: c67791d11dc95957f6bc9544ece2c10fWhile you are brought up by listening to your dad that “Beta mehnat ka fal mitha hota hai”, well that is so true. Just in our case, with such witty minds, it’s time to do all smart work so as to achieve of what we aspired of.
  3. Learn a musical instruments:l1E1Z0qT1y2zEViN2 A wise man said, “While you are young and free, while all curves and slopes are high and low, learn the music to touch your soul”. Indeed. “It’s beautiful to see you playing an instrument”. Isn’t, the statement nice to hear?
  4. Spare some quality time for your Family:3o8doUgvKWu2JP0hvG Remember, as time will pass, it is going to get tough. Make sure to make beautiful memories.
  5. Date a handsome guy or a beautiful girl: iPdpZJ8tYiHGoDo not hesitate, meet new people, explore and talk.
  6. Meditate:kvCYXVnXQdecEWhile all the fluctuations are going in your head, emotions are tossing in and out. Meditate.
  7. Open a FD account or a saving account: 26BRCPDmtpvBsutpeBefore you take a big decision, time to save up some cash. Remember to be independent.
  8. Also, so that you buy your dream house!10118432
  9. Read a life changing book: RZnTaU1aKBjJmIn spite of the facts, you like or dislike reading, try reading out a life changing book.
  10. Cooking: giphyWhile you love mouth-watering food, it’s time to learn at least a meal.
  11. Go an adventure ride:KwdLyEEKzAWw8 Get that adrenaline rush rolling. Challenge your limits.
  12. Learn to pay Taxes: rE04CIrzIrSN2And your twenties are not only about having fun, learn to be responsible.
  13. Let go and learn to forgive: hZUjezCP1uLv2 (1)It is time to step up a stair above and be in bigger boots.
  14. Experiment with your look:giphy (1) While dozen of responsibilities are heading your way, its time for a drastic change. Do not hesitate. Dye it purple and be beautiful.

Twenties are considered as chaotic and full of pizzazz and charisma. The journey begins with exploring and ends up with concluding our own self. So before, you hit your 25, time to buck up!!



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  1. I was 25 forty years ago. I checked your list, and I had done all of them, save for learning a musical instrument, which I never managed. I also got married at 25 though!
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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