While all the conversations and thoughts are tossing in your head, while you are the silent person in the laughing gang, while all the debts are so high, while you loose one of your parent, while you are burdened with tonnes of responsibilities, when it all seems going so wrong and low and it all breaks you down. The shadows and the art, colors and the textures all looks so dull and pale. When it all fades away and you loose the spirit to just stand and work, just hold for a minute, the best is yet to come. YOU HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO.

Yet, you did not survive to be here. It all looks so far and yet it is near. You hold all the power to withstand through this and not end this. You chose a path which wasn’t a bed of roses yet you choose to travel because you believed in a stronger YOU. Challenges were always there, sometimes you found them easy and sometimes just less easy. You believed that you will be the survival of the fittest and will end like a warrior. In spite of all the responsibilities that you have, you choose to walk what you talk. The fact that makes you weak will only dominate you when you give its the authority to let you break down. Just let your inner voice rule and do not try to snooze off.
It will often bring you back here where you will be all stuck with no light in the tunnel and no lanterns on the road. Very Often, you will see the world against you and you will be all alone fighting your battle. It will not happen once but all the times when you will choose the road with fewer lanterns and less opted one.Just pick yourself up, be glad to be challenged for you were made for bigger things than these. Success is just upside down of failure and it takes a lot of courage to be where you are. Breathe and this moment will definitely pass for a better tomorrow.
“Let you be the star that shines so bright,
Let you be the warrior that fight so right,
Debts and Stress will come and go,
Happiness and love is all you should flow,
Let you be the one who is calm and poise
Let you be the one who is settled and employs
Judgments and bosses will be passed and survived.
Smart work and perks will have thrived
Let you be the hero
Let you be the one with full of dinero
And just let you be you!”

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