6 Reasons to Go on AIESEC Internship


1550823-research-the-best-food-in-the-world-vacation-and-travel-white-love-photocase-stock-photo-largeAIESEC is a world’s largest youth run organization. It not only complement growth in your mindset but also make your mindset global. If you are looking for a life where you have the steering to ride your life and go beyond imagination, you are scrolling on the right page.

Below are the 6 reasons why you should not miss a chance and should make a priority in your bucket list:

  1. REACQUIRE AND EXPLORE YOURSELF: AIESEC gives you the best platform to raise your potential and borne  yourself in the most challenging way. If you are living a monotonous life and if you would love to replace it by being a traveler, experiencing, totally a  different culture, trying a new language, following a beautiful tradition in a new country, you must mark your next 45 days for a beautiful country.giphy
  2. LEARN BY DISCOVERING POSSIBILITIES: It makes easy in transitioning into the next stage of life and moving it forward. It brings a perspective from your experience. A perspective that gives you a broader view of life. When you choose to leave home and challenge yourself, your thoughts outline bravery and courage. Living 45 days all by yourself and doing the things by exploring and discovering possibilities introduces you to a better you.
  3. WORK FOR A CAUSE: What makes a difference is when you come out of all those bowlines and set a benchmark by working for a cause. Understanding the reasons, contributing towards the social welfare, bringing solutions to the problems in a totally different culture makes you a lot aware about yourself and the world. Empowering people and working with different individuals brings out the best in you.
  4. NETWORKING: AIESEC being the biggest youth platform gives you a huge scope for networking and building life long relationships. Growing connections that helps you in empowering and rediscovering yourself. These 45 days, helps you a lot in learning from people, conversations and from a developed you.giphy-1
  5. EXPERIENCE A NEW HOME: What does not change is the love and the connection from the people. It becomes a new home where your heart is loving to wander and explore. The strong connection that you would love to make in the 45 days will let you experience a new home with a different culture, different language, different taste and different you.
  6. GIVES YOU A REAL SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: If your dreams gives you goosebumps and keeps you awake all night then you are someone who becomes complacent by breaking down all the records. These 45 days helps you in nurturing yourself, making unforgettable memories,  going above the bowlines of comfort zone. It will be always a braver YOU with your beautiful experience.8168eb845b87bd1f90d6ff043fb4695cf3272a9f



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