Four Must-Follow Rules for a Successful Office Culture

Office Culture, an ambiguous behavior that emerges out to be certain in DNA and discipline of the people of the startup. May be, creating a successful culture requires concreteness in management. Running towards the end results and bending towards micro management has been a weakness of the leaders.

Are you bringing out a toxic office culture where people are underachieving or a culture where people are overachieving and works with a rage to overshoot targets?

Below are my count on pointers that can bring out a positive office culture:

  1. PEOPLE OF THE COMPANY MATTER: What makes a company is the people who build it by their vision and zeal. Understanding the importance is way above more important. Working on the acronym, PHASE (Passion, Heart, Action, Sweat, Enthusiasm) of the people can take managers and leaders to zenith. It starts with being good listeners and leading it with making the people self driven and growth oriented. Going deep into the realization of the growth of the people can make them loyal and faithful to the company. This will eventually lead in empowering  trustworthy .employees.people-matter
  2. FOCUS ON MACRO MANAGEMENT: Keeping the factors in mind that brings out your end results and nurturing those with proper management can lead in building a successful office culture. What needs to be concerned about is the end result keeping the process a free state for the employees. This can be done by making a path and then leaving upon themselves to follow. Not everyone will walk, some may come out with better ways leading to innovation for your company.can-stock-photo_csp11727941
  3. GROWTH CENTRIC: It is important to make the people of the company know that the job profile in which they are is taking them a way forward. This will lead in retention of the employees and certainly brings out a positive vibe around.growing-baby-plants_large
  4. KEEPING A BALANCE OF DISCIPLINE AND FUN: Discipline brings out a line on freedom among  the people. This does not lead to casual behavior and certainly not too many restrictions too. It helps in keeping a lite environment and adorable too.discipline

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