Rucksack Of Priorities

We live in a world where people are obscure about the options they can flatter around.With this we are drowning towards being an ordinary.Ordinary individual, who is unemployed, an individual, who is passionate enough yet bounded, individuals who are not so sure about their future. What we are leaving behind is our rage to outgrow our potential. We were born with a challenge to prove our purpose of existence, to make a little change with our words and actions. What little, is making a difference are those priorities we take. Some are kept high and some not so kept. With these priorities, we yearn to fulfill and cater what is around. We neglect opportunities which are far, above and beyond. And again we get drowned in that beautiful delimiting world where we are brought to fly. 

What we are moving ahead is that materialism where we are unable to reconnect with the purpose of existence. The priorities are set with respect to our greed. What can be nurtured is the relevance of the rage within and the power of will. The rage that ignites the soul and rebounds with your existence. What comes first, is the time of today where you need to do what is right and what ignites you. We are running behind is, “what we want to”, leading to go and outlive being a mediocre. The difference between what we want to and what is right has brought major difference in the perspective of individuals where their priorities have made a change. 

The need of the hour is to remain subtle. To live beyond imagination as it is said,”What comes easy, Brings an ordinary”.

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