You hold a Power to withstand and not Quit!

While all the conversations and thoughts are tossing in your head, while you are the silent person in the laughing gang, while all the debts are so high, while you loose one of your parent, while you are burdened with tonnes of responsibilities, when it all seems going so wrong and low and it all... Continue Reading →

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Udaipur – A city Beautiful, Part 2

We were standing outside the hostel waiting for someone to open the door and give us the keys to our bunk beds. While waiting, I had a conversation with myself and I asked questions like, "Will everything get fine after traveling?, Will I not be tensed anymore?, Will I not worry about thing after travelling?"... Continue Reading →

Udaipur: A City Beautiful, Part 1

Seldom we find the rage and satisfaction within. Tranquility is touched with oblivious of oneself. The journey of Udaipur remained purposefully for heralding the Felicity of within. Being a chaos and challenge lover, this came with a very note addressing the beauty of love, selfless care and towards a way forward. In the midst of... Continue Reading →

The journey to a milestone!

The journey of a year has seen all the lows and ups with all the beautiful swings and burdened streams. However, it wasn't easy and it is beautifully said that "Great things does not come easy". So, while traversing the beautiful path when Qriyo was established, I found a beautiful team who accepted me the... Continue Reading →

While everything was looking scary, she discovered her strengths!

It feels egregious when everything that seems to be on the right starts opposing. Isn't it about appreciating the differences or just about appreciating the self? Heralding about the odds of life is one never acknowledge, the ones who acknowledges wins the battle. So this is a story of a girl whom I  met around the... Continue Reading →

Reflecting the inner you!

We all are made with layers of different emotions and feelings. When these layers are piled together, we are an ordinary individual. The journey from an ordinary start with finding one own self and reflecting the inner self. It begins with a mind which is wrapped with chaos leaving all the peace behind. The layer which... Continue Reading →

Yoga in Jodhpur, Uniting Diversity in Harmony !!

The Blue city Jodhpur has achieved many milestones and from last two years, the field of yoga has set a benchmark in the saga of Jodhpur. International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June to enhance and inculcate the spirituality from within.  The organizations that contribute, dissolve their banners and unite with one... Continue Reading →

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