You hold a Power to withstand and not Quit!

While all the conversations and thoughts are tossing in your head, while you are the silent person in the laughing gang, while all the debts are so high, while you loose one of your parent, while you are burdened with tonnes of responsibilities, when it all seems going so wrong and low and it all... Continue Reading →

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Jeep Off Roading ||Club Rajputana Classic Jeeps

Women Jeep Off Roading, it sounds a little weird as we have often kept House Hold Chores for women and has quantified their strengths on the basis of how they managed their homes. Gone are the days now when women used to stay inside homes and prefer staying inside the nest all day. They have... Continue Reading →

Theory of Criticism

Criticism is technically defined as an expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults and merits. It can also be defined as an analysis or judgment of someone's work. Certainly, in our day-to-day life, we come across many critics and criticisms. The foundation of Criticism is laid when someone shows... Continue Reading →

She is strong, isn’t she?

अपना वजूद भुला कर ना जाने कितनी रिवायतें निभाती हे, सलाम हर उस ख़ातून को, जो घर को घर बनाती हे... She forgets her identity. Although she has every ability. Tradition word is just like her dignity. She accepts it well as an amenability. My salute is very less, but accept it as sublimity, After... Continue Reading →

Ameliorative Self

Often we talk about breaking the glass ceiling and coming out of the woods, is it really about this or is it about embellishing thyself? While the woods were your obstacles and the glass ceiling, a dream you were chasing by conquering those woods. Was your focus alleviated towards escalating yourself or it was just... Continue Reading →

Project 51

Objective: To become self managed and self controlled with a very healthy routine. Aims at: GOALS AND DREAMS If you chase your dreams today, you withstand a power to conquer the challenges you face tomorrow. Project 51 aims at focusing on chasing dreams and hunching on being extraordinary. POSITIVISM When you are optimistic about tomorrow,... Continue Reading →

Udaipur – A city Beautiful, Part 2

We were standing outside the hostel waiting for someone to open the door and give us the keys to our bunk beds. While waiting, I had a conversation with myself and I asked questions like, "Will everything get fine after traveling?, Will I not be tensed anymore?, Will I not worry about thing after travelling?"... Continue Reading →

Udaipur: A City Beautiful, Part 1

Seldom we find the rage and satisfaction within. Tranquility is touched with oblivious of oneself. The journey of Udaipur remained purposefully for heralding the Felicity of within. Being a chaos and challenge lover, this came with a very note addressing the beauty of love, selfless care and towards a way forward. In the midst of... Continue Reading →

The journey to a milestone!

The journey of a year has seen all the lows and ups with all the beautiful swings and burdened streams. However, it wasn't easy and it is beautifully said that "Great things does not come easy". So, while traversing the beautiful path when Qriyo was established, I found a beautiful team who accepted me the... Continue Reading →

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